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I've been on a little hiatus, spending most of February in St. Barths, pretending it's the 90's and avoiding digital communication at all costs. But since its 2019, I check my phone once (OK maybe twice) a day to now avoid the stress of avoiding the aforementioned digital contact (aka big inbox).

This week, my esteemed colleague, Dionne D.W posted about #mentoring. I think the term

#mentorship is so widely used but so rarely defined - so I can't help but post while I'm on vacation. Mentorship in my words is like sorcery. Someone with wisdom exposes the mind or the heart of another fellow human being...then transfers that wisdom onto them. Repeat daily. Thats it.

It’s 3 basic rules in my mind: 1. Mentors posess the vast power of mentorship by a) being a mentee before and b) being pathologically selfless. 2. Mentees can only be mentored if they have a) intellectual curiosity and b) humility to learn. 3. Mentorship is completely useless to those with ignorance, ego or narcissism.

Want proof? Here are 3 responses from the same week of my first post from a recent mentor I met at Skift - Chip Conley, a then-kid-now-VP that I managed the dishwashing department with 20 years ago in Boston Wayne King, and a tweet from my EA in Anguilla 10 years ago Louise Fleming.


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