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Dwayne Wade has impacted peoples lives far beyond basketball.

Tonight the Miami Heat Legend played his last home game, with a fitting tribute from Barack Obama.

Budweiser captured his gift of virtue and altruism, with 5 people whose lives changed because of Dwayne, including the woman whose brother was killed in the Parkland shooting (and was buried wearing his jersey); and a mother whom he took on a shopping spree after hearing her house burned down before Christmas.

But the biggest impact he made to this world is for his mother, who was in prison as a drug user/seller and all but gave up on life. But it was her sons steadfast support that she could change - and she did.

I first met Dwayne 8 years ago when I was invited to play at his Fantasy Camp (and out of 6 NBA teams - he drafted me for his team!) Over the next few years he visited me in Anguilla and NYC. In 2017 he was playing in Boston and I texted if he’s around after the game. After losing in a heartbreaking buzzer beater and a plane immediately taking off to make a back to back road game - I had no expectations for him to come out.

But after hearing that I was with my son and a dozen 10 year olds, he went out of his way just to meet the kids - that’s Dwayne Wade. 😇


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