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Today I was just asked as a closing comment to a discussion on employee engagement - “what’s your biggest takeaway you want the audience to leave with?” I quickly had an epiphany that one of the best cultures I have ever witnessed was a society called DAYBREAKER - introduced to me by a cool dude Timothy Patch.

He had 250 people from all walks of life to A) do yoga on our roof on a cold rainy morning before dawn then B) finish with a live band and DJ using SILENT DISCO, all before 7:30 am on a weekday.

**First thing came to my head was “how the hell are you going to get 250 strangers dance in headphones on a workday with no alcohol served?!”

Answer: #culture

The book BELONG written by his founder Radha Agrawal, made my answer to todays audience simple.

If culture is defined by “a group of individuals on the same emotional frequency”, then you need 4 chemicals everyday called D.O.S.E. - which is the secret brain cocktail recipe to galvanize a culture.

D - Dopamine - instant gratification (i.e “like” my post)

O - Oxytocin - human longing for one another (to ask for help or give help)

S - Serotonin - good mood and gratefulness

E - Endorphins - get your heart rate up (break up boredom)

Who’d ever thought the way to touch peoples heart is through neuroscience?


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