Long since the days of “The Wolf of Wall Street” - I see a fascinating shift in society based on human code and ethics (Thank you Mr. Buffett, Bezos, and Gates who are worth about $325 billion).

Another history lesson:

Generally the TALLEST building of the land ruled how the people behaved.

17th century. The tallest building was the CHURCH. It guided the ethical and political code that governed the people. Wars were fought over religion.

18th century. It was the STATE. The Cathedrals were getting outsized with Parliaments. The code of society changed to protect Constitutions (we the people, for the people...).Wars were fought over Nationalism.

20th century. It was BUSINESS. Commerce dictated society. The global war on terrorism stemmed from the 9/11 attack of the World Trade.

Now we are in the 21st century the first time EVER, the tallest structure doesn’t rule the land. (In fact, its about 5” tall.) It’s a mobile phone and web. It has DECENTRALIZED the power back to the democratized INDIVIDUAL.

The article states 56% of Americans are in favor of capitalism, 37% for socialism, and yet 87% for does that make a new category?

Are Billionaires today servants or masters? Are they missionaries or mercenaries?

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