Yesterday, I had a great panel discussion at the HR in Hospitality Conference #HRinHConf19. If you have been following me this year, you know that I created my business largely due to my frustration the hospitality isn’t pivoting fast enough around how today’s employees behave in the real world, resulting in serious issues in low recruitment and poor retention.

My fam at #beekeeper (whom I wholeheartedly endorse and evangelize), sponsored this topic.

You see, some “prehistoric” companies are still hesitant on using social media as a primary tool of communication. Their naivety, fear, or ignorance of not wanting to adapt to how people behave is the same thinking Polaroid had when they thought digital pics wouldn’t effect (let alone obliterate) their business model.


- Over 50% of the World’s population is under 30

- Today’s college student never licked a postage stamp

- China is now the 3rd largest population in the world, YouTube is 2nd, Facebook 1st

- Goldfish have an 8 second attention span, humans in 2018: 7 seconds

- 93% of all buying decisions are influenced by social media

- 1 in every 3 marriages start online

- Every 1 second, 2 people join #linkedin

LESSON? Adapt or die, its 2019 for God’s sake.

*Thanks Erik Qualman #socialnomics